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One Year Later, Now What? 
Haiti Earthquake Update

Following the earthquake that struck Haiti’s southern peninsula the morning of August 14, 2021, Zanmi Lasante mobilized an immediate response to address the most urgent needs of those affected by the earthquake, while ensuring that emergency response efforts were integrated into a sustained commitment to strengthen the health system for the long term.

To share details of its emergency response in the days following the earthquake, Zanmi Lasante participated in a panel discussion hosted by Haitian Ladies Network on earthquake relief efforts.

One year later, this panel will explore progress made during the three-month emergency response phase, lessons learned, and long-term efforts to strengthen emergency and trauma care in Haiti, whether responding to a global pandemic, natural disaster, or other crisis.

Do You Qualify For Loan Forgiveness?

Every wonder if you qualify for loan forgiveness and how to apply?

Join us on August 24th, 2022 at 8pm with the Federal Student Aid, Department of Education as they discuss the PSLF program, waiver, the PSLF HELP tool and help you navigatethe submission process. 

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